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Cluster PvP x10 Wipe 04 May

Online players: 1
Total players: 6503
Vip players: 91


We have a series of commands available on all our ARK servers with which you can perform certain operations in the game. The commands are as follows:

/setdiscord Discord User: Associate your Discord with your Steam account in SurvivalZone. You will instantly receive a command to validate, you must also enter it in the chat. Example: /setdiscord Destroyer#12345 Get 400 gems for associating your account with Discord.
/raidwarning minutes: Check every X minutes if your base is under attack. If so, notify you by Discord. For it to work, you must have associated your Discord with the previous command. With 0 minutes it is deactivated, the warning can be set every 5 minutes minimum.
/suicide: Kill your own character.
/gems: With this command you visualize the available gems in your account.
/shop page number: Replacing page number by a number from 1 to 15, you check the available dinos, their ID and their gems cost.
/buy ID: You buy the dino corresponding to the ID that you add.
/send 'Steam Name' Gems: You send gems to the player with the specified Steam Name. The name of Steam must be in single quotes.
/ping: Check the response time in milliseconds between your PC and the ARK server.
/fill name o /fill !name: Reload the turrets that contain name in their name or that do not contain !name in their name. Example: /fill heavy
/turrets option: Set the turrets by replacing option with one of the following options:
  • on: Turns turrets on.
  • off: Turns turrets off.
  • low: Sets turret range to low.
  • medium: Sets turret range to medium.
  • high: Sets turret range to high.
  • all: Sets turret targets to all targets.
  • playertamed: Sets turret targets to all players and tamed.
  • player: Sets turret targets to only players.
  • wild: Sets turret targets to only wild dinos.
  • tamed: Sets turret targets to only tamed dinos.
  • playermounted: Sets turret targets to only mounted players.
The /fill and /turrets commands have a range of 20 foundations. This reach amounts to 40 foundations for players who have made at least one donation and 80 foundations for Vip players.

Vip commands

/paint Region Color: Paint a part of your dinosaur of a specific color. The dino regions are defined with a number from 0 to 5 and the color with a number from 1 to 56. You can see a list of possible colors here. These colors endure to such an extent that the offspring of your dinos will inherit them. To use this command you must belong to a tribe.

To convert your account permanently to VIP, you must add donations worth €20.