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Cluster PvP x10 Wipe 04 May

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Total players: 6503
Vip players: 91


The collection of donations is used for the maintenance and improvement of our servers. By donation we provide gems interchangeable for maximum base-level dvines, objects and boxes with random objects.

Things to consider

  • No returns are allowed.
  • Once the gems are used, they are not refundable. That is, we are not responsible for what happens to the dinos and objects acquired by gems, take care of them.
  • Logically, we can only provide gems on our ARK servers and cannot be used in other communities.
  • In the case of WIPE, we promise to return the gems used and purchase by donation in the last month. As a general rule we avoid the WIPE, but in some cases such as depopulation, game bug that prevents execution from the server ... It may be possible that the WIPE is necessary to ensure the sustainability and proper functioning of our servers.
  • The store's dinos are somewhat higher than the maximum level you can find in the game and are not castrated.

Procedure to follow

or every euro donated you get 100 gems that can be exchanged in the game for dinosaurs and objects. As soon as payment is made, the gems are automatically delivered, sometimes taking a maximum of 15 minutes. In addition , for donations equal to or greater than €, we provide 50% of extra gems.
Usually for purchases of 20 euros or more we usually give an additional 10% points. For a limited time, instead of 10% it will be 50%!


In order to make a donation and receive your gems, you must first log in using Steam:

Vip User

In order to benefit from the advantages of a Vip user, it is enough to accumulate donations worth €20. Discover the privileges obtained as a Vip player here.