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Cluster PvP x10 Wipe 04 May

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Total players: 6503
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Get Gems

Gems are the currency of exchange in the store of our servers, with which you can obtain various objects and dinos.
The store is accessible from any of our servers by pressing F1.

You can get gems in the following ways:

Keeping you online

By being online on any of our servers you will accumulate gems. 5 gems are obtained for every 2 hours of activity. In case of being a VIP user, this quantity is multiplied by two, with 10 gems obtained every 2 hours.

Vote on Ark-Servers

Every day 3 votes can be cast in the Ark-Servers.net ranking and we reward 10 gems for every vote cast. Something important to keep in mind is that only gems will be obtained by voting the following servers:

Associate Discord Account

You get 400 gems if you associate your Discord account with your Ark character. It is done by command and you get this reward only once.
If you want to know how to associate your Discord, check in the Commands section.

Complete promotions

We have a list of promotions that will provide you with gems for each one you complete.
To benefit from this utility, check the Promotions section (Requires login to the Web).

Make donation

For every euro donated to our community, we give you 100 gems. In case the donation is 20 euros or more, you will get an additional 50% of gems. In addition, if you accumulate donations worth €20, you will get VIP privileges forever.
To make a donation, visit the Donate section. (Requires login to the Web)

Promotional code

If you get a promotional code, you can redeem it for gems from the web in your profile (Requires login to the Web).