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Cluster PvP x10 Wipe 04 May

Online players: 1
Total players: 6503
Vip players: 91


  • Prohibited offensive language or spam.
  • Forbidden to build on obelisks or preventing access to them. Nor can block player spawn points.
  • It is forbidden to build or hide underground, build floating bases or outside the boundaries of the map.
  • It is selfish to destroy buildings and not build a base that can destroy you. An essential part of PvP is construction, so we do not tolerate tribes that are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of weapons and raids.
  • Prohibited to trade server assets for real money. It is a definitive ban for both the buyer and the seller.
  • Forbidden to attack from within by crossing walls or taking advantage of any type of alliance.
  • It is forbidden to build in artifact caves. It is also not valid to build outside the cave but blocking or hindering access through walls or turrets.
  • PvP protection is intended to allow new players to start. That is why it is forbidden to take advantage of it to spy on the enemy, build around its base and prevent its expansion, kill the dinos it tames, etc. Of course, this is prohibited for both the PvE player and the PvP player. These actions may be done among unprotected players only.
  • Prohibited put outposts to player with protection. It is also forbidden for a player with protection to put them to another without protection.
  • We allow to add turrets in obelisks, only while bosses are made, in order to avoid surprise attacks. These turrets should be removed at the end.
  • Do not build or leave turrets in red lootcrates, dragon zones, or magmasaurs. These locations are very limited and must be available to everyone.