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Cluster PvP x10 Wipe 04 May

Online players: 1
Total players: 6503
Vip players: 91


A user is Vip when he has made donations worth €20 or more. The advantages of being a Vip user are the following:

  • Only Vip users can use the /paint command, which allows you to modify the base colors of any of your dinos.
  • The /fill command has a range radius equivalent to 80 foundations for Vip users. If you are not Vip but have made at least one donation, your range is equivalent to 40 foundations. A normal user only 20.
  • You can change the sex and base colors of your character. To do this, go to the Paint Character section.
  • Every 2 hours of connection within the game you get 10 gems, a normal user gets 5.
  • For a normal player, the time to eliminate structures and dinos due to inactivity is 4 days, for Vip players it is 7 days.

If you are interested in being a VIP, visit the Donate section.